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Schuss in style

Options for those who want to look good on the slopes

Published November 11, 2008 at 3 p.m.

Red vest with fur accessories by M. Miller

Red vest with fur accessories by M. Miller

Evelinda: For those of you who have seen Judie and me on the ski slopes, you know that we couldn't care less how we look. We throw on whatever will keep us the warmest and hope we don't ski into anyone we know.

Judie: I completely cover my face except for my eyes. Even my own mother wouldn't know me.

Evelinda: But that doesn't mean that we don't like to look at other people adorned in stylish ski and boarding outfits. Here's what fashionable skiers and boarders will be wearing as they schuss by you this season.

Trends: The major trend in women's skiwear continues from last season: the merging of ski and boarder clothing styles.

Female skiers are wearing looser and more colorful clothing, although they still prefer a more feminine, fitted look. Other trends include:

1. Ski Clothing is Just Not for the Slopes Anymore

Skiwear designers are making clothing more multifunctional. "The clothing needs to be beautiful yet practical and move easily from snow-covered slopes to city streets," said Mark Miller of M. Miller Luxury Outerwear.

2. Say Goodbye to the Puffy Snowman Look

Clothing is becoming more and more body conscious. "Women don't want to feel bulky. So the clothing is thinner, lighter, yet warm," said Lee Keating, owner of Tommy Bower Ski in Vail. Make sure to check out all the new breathable pant styles. They are cut to be comfortable with a more stylish fit, e.g., Northface STH pant ($150, Colorado Ski and Golf). Keating recommends the ski pant by high-end Italian designer Prada. This pant is not too baggy, not too tight and not cut too low. You can bend over with no fears of tushy freeze ($715, Tommy Bower Ski). (At this price we'll be bending over to pick up spare change.)

3. Colors and Patterns Galore

Gone are the military greens, browns and muted palettes of last season. Keating says that the classic ski colors such as yellow, orange, red, navy, purple, white and black are back. Miller's line showcases the same colors and says that higher-end designers are borrowing from European companies and using shimmery, lacquered or varnished fabrics with high sheens. Mark Burbank, manager of the Cherry Creek Christie Sports, is seeing lots of camouflage patterns as well as plaids and abstract prints, such as the Burton AK Women's Summit Jacket in the Night Bright print

4. Green, Greener, Greenest

According to Amy Lapins, merchandise manager with Colorado Ski and Golf, manufacturers are infusing nylons with natural materials such as soy, coconut shells, bamboo and aloe to create innovative fabrics. Coconut suppresses odor and dries quickly; bamboo, aloe and soy add softness and drape.

Fashion must-haves

* Fur leg warmers: These babies wrap around the calf and can be worn on or off the slopes over any kind of shoe or boot. Made from lynx, fox, coyote in several colors, the leg warmers ($300-$350) are available at Moxie (303-694-0773) or for other locations,

* Ugg Boots: Uggs continue to be the popular apres ski boot. Is your skiwear budget tight? Go to for some well-made and cheaper (starting at $50) Ugg-style shearling boots.

* Long underwear: Look at the Snow Angel Base Layers starting at $40. Made from cashmere and doeskin with a four-way stretch, you get warmth and fit in one basic piece.

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