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News wins 36 awards in state competition

Journalism honors presented at banquet at Brown Palace Hotel

Published May 14, 2005 at midnight

The Rocky Mountain News won 36 awards in the annual state competition sponsored by the Colorado Society of Professional Journalists.

The Denver Post won 35 awards, Westword won seven. won one.

John Farrell of the Post won the Best of Colorado award for "On One Leg, a GI Fights to Build a New Life."

SPJ presented the awards, for stories published from Sept. 1, 2003, to Aug. 31, 2004, at a banquet Friday night at the Brown Palace Hotel.

These are the complete results in the division for large newspapers:

News Reporting, Single Story

First: Brian Crecente and Hector Gutierrez, News, "Dead Wrong" about the accidental shooting of an invalid by a Denver police officer.

Second: Ann Imse, News, "Dying to be Paid," about sick and dying former workers at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant.

Third: Charlie Brennan, Owen Good, Julie Poppen and staff, News, "'Dozer Rage," for coverage of a bulldozer rampage in Granby by a suicidal man.

General Reporting, Series or Package:

First (tie): Jane Hoback and staff, News, "The Healing Fields;" Robert Sanchez and staff, News, "Jonathan's Journey."

Second: Alicia Caldwell, Post, "Eminent Domain"

Investigative/Enterprise Reporting

First: Arthur Kane and Miles Moffeit, Post, "Iraqi Prison Abuse"

Second: Jerd Smith, Todd Hartman and Ken Papaleo, News, "The Last Drop" about mountain water shortages

Third: Arthur Kane and Allison Sherry, Post, "Buried Mistakes"

News Feature

First: (tie) Jim Sheeler, News, "The Life of Pfc. Givens" about an Iraq war widow receiving the last letter written by her husband; Lynn Bartels, News, "Moving on After Columbine" about a survivor of the school shooting at Columbine High School.

Second: Jim Sheeler, News, "Tale of Two Tombstones" about two soldiers who make tombstones for fallen soldiers

A Reader

First: John Farrell, Post, "On One Leg, a GI Fights to Build a New Life"

Second: David Holthouse, Westword, "Stalking the Bogeyman"

Third: Michael Booth, Post, "Boy Wonder"

Personal Columns

First: Jim Spencer, Post

Second: Andrew Cohen,

Third: Tina Griego, News


First: Vincent Carroll, News

Second: Peter Blake, News


First: Mike Keefe, Post

Second: Ed Stein, News

Education Reporting: News or Feature

First: Allison Sherry, Post, "School Arts Funds Take Detour"

Second: Allison Sherry, Post, "Schools Unequal in Search for Funds"

Third: Eric Dexheimer, Westword, "Terminal Solution"

Political reporting: News or Feature

First place: Anne Mulkern, Post, "When Advocates Become Regulators"

Second: Eric Gorski, Post, "Politics, Faith on Collision Course"

Third: Alan Prendergast, Westword, "Outfaxed"

Legal Affairs Reporting: News or Feature

First: Kevin Vaughan and Jeff Kass, News, "Doubts and Contradictions" about the Columbine tragedy

Second: Eric Dexheimer, Westword, "Age Inappropriate"

Third: Staff, Post, "Dismissed" coverage of Kobe Bryant

Science/Environmental/Agricultural/Medical Reporting: News or feature

First: Theo Stein, Post, "Water"

Second: Joanne Kelley, News, "Trinidad Sex Change"

Third: David Olinger, Post, "80216"

Sports Reporting: General Reporting

First: Staff, News, "Benched" about the temporary suspension of University of Colorado football coach Gary Barnett

Second: Marc Spears, Post, "Lost in Translation"

Third: Clay Latimer, News, "Twinge of Disappointment" about a diver at the Olympics

Sports Reporting: Feature Writing

First: Bill Briggs, Post,"A Legend and a Life"

Second: Clay Latimer, News, "Going to the Mat for Kayla" about a wrestling mom

Third: James B. Meadow, News, "Cowboy Built Fort-Tough" about a rodeo cowboy star

Sports Columns

First: Mark Kiszla, Post

Second: Eric Dexheimer, Westword

Third: Bernie Lincicome, News

Business Reporting: General reporting

First: Rachel Brand, News, "Divided Loyalties" about the aftermath of the Pueblo steelworkers strike

Second: Kris Hudson, Post, "Days of Wine and Rages"

Third: Staff, News, "New Beer Buddies" about the Colson-Moors brewing merger

Business Reporting: Feature Writing

First: Christine Tatum, Post, "The Legal Bane of Homebuilders"

Second: Ricardo Baca, Post, "Music Fans Feeling Shortchanged"

Third: Ross Wehner, Post, "High Stakes Venture"

Business Reporting: Investigative/Enterprise

First: Business staff, News, "Broken Promises" about pension funds

Second: Michael Riley and Greg Griffin, Post, "High Cost of Gold"

Third: David Kesmodel, News, "Secret of Captain X" about a United pilot who helped found Frontier Airlines

Business Columns

First: Al Lewis, Post

Second: Rob Reuteman, News

Third: David Milstead, News

Arts and Entertainment Reporting: News or Feature

First: John Moore, Post, "Stage of Healing"

Second: Patti Thorn, News, "Plains Talk"

Third: Jason Heller, Westword, "Ghost-Ridden"

Arts and Entertainment Reporting: Criticism

First: Jason Sheehan, Westword

Second: Joanne Ostrow, Post

Third: Mary Voelz Chandler, News

Arts and Entertainment Reporting: Features in Food/Beverage Writing and Reporting

First: John Lehndorff, News, "Pressure Cooker" about the opening of restaurant Rioja

Second: Kyle Wagner, Post, "Scenes from a Dining Car"

Third: Kristen Browning-Blas, Post, "For 42 Years, Ace was the Place"

Spot News Photography

First: Andy Cross, Post, "Surrender"

Second: John Epperson, Post, "Water Rescue"

Third: Andy Cross, Post, "Gang Killing"

News photography

First: Glen Martin, Post, "A Patriot's Son"

Second: Evan Semon, News, "Disbelief"

Third: Helen Richardson, Post, "Remembering Columbine"

Feature Photography

First: Craig Walker, Post, "High Five"

Second: Barry Gutierrez, News, "Moving on After Columbine"

Third: Marc Piscotty, News, "Dog Show"

Sports Photography

First: Joe Mahoney, News, "Upended"

Second: Rodolfo Gonzalez and Joe Mahoney, News, "Olympics"

Third: John Leyba, Post,"Steer Wrestling"

Photo Essay

First: Ellen Jaskol, News, "The Healing Fields"

Second: Marc Piscotty, News, "Friday Night Lights in Colorado"

Third: Glenn Asakawa, Post, "Boy Wonder"

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