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Store owner gives away Globe copies

Published January 14, 1997 at midnight

A Denver newsstand owner gave away copies of the Globe on Monday while blasting stores that refused to carry the weekly magazine.

"I find it fairly hypocritical for all of a sudden these folks (at supermarkets and convenience stores) to take the moral high ground,'' John Kareski of Johnny's Newsstand said. "I'm not going to tell my customers what they can and cannot read.''

The boycott of the Globe and its purchased crime-scene photos stretched from Colorado to Charlevoix, Mich., where JonBenet's family has a vacation home, to Atlanta, where the Ramsey family lived until moving to Boulder in 1991.

Globe editor Tony Frost said Monday he won't know until next week whether the boycott had an affect on circulation.

King Soopers spokesman Russ Dispense said the boycott had nothing to do with censorship, and he pointed out that King Soopers is selling other tabloids that are leading with the mystery of JonBenet Ramsey's murder.

"When you look at the difference between the Globe and the other articles, it's the crime-scene photos,'' Dispense said.

Kareski, who normally gets four copies a week to sell, said he gave away 20 copies of the $1.39 weekly, and took 25 copies to sell.

Kareski said the crime-scene photos were tame compared with pictures of JonBenet in her pageant outfits.

"The thing that's obscene to me is her in that Las Vegas showgirl outfit,'' he said. "To me, that's sick.''

At another store, the Newsstand in Denver, Brian Smith received 300 copies from the distributor and had sold about 100. The store normally has 15 copies to sell each week.

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